Medical & Healthcare Uniforms

Nurses, Doctors, and Dental Uniforms

Order smart, comfortable, durable healthcare uniforms online from Yarmo. We stock a wide variety of medical workwear for nurses, doctors, and paramedics, supplying clients within the NHS and private healthcare industry, as well as dental clinics, and establishments in a range of other health-related sectors – in which crisp, well-made, professional uniforms are essential. Alongside our popular UK-made health uniforms, we stock a wide range of products from global brands, including ABS, Alexandra, Dickies, Portwest and Toffeln.



Our wide and diverse range includes safety footwear, lanyards, doctor and paramedic epaulettes, fob watches, salon tunics, and laboratory coats. Browse our range using the links below to discover one of the largest ranges of superior quality healthcare worker uniforms, scrubs and tunics in the United Kingdom. You can trust Yarmo to provide the very finest healthcare uniforms available.