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Aramark is a global food service and facilities management company

Established in America in the 1950’s, Aramark is now present in 22 countries worldwide.

In the UK, Aramark employs 9,000 staff, working across 800 sites to provide a wide range of essential site services - from simple vending machines to coffee-shops and cafés to restaurant, conference and meeting facilities. They also keep sites clean, secure, energy-efficient and running as smooth as clockwork. So their 200 individual client companies can concentrate on whatever they specialise in, whether that be corporate business, industry, education, military, oil and gas, healthcare or judicial services.

At this prestigious head office of a major international company in Reading, over 2,000 highly technical staff rely on the services provided by Aramark to keep them refuelled and nourished throughout their working day, with a selection of quality coffee shops and restaurants.

Food quality and variety is a major factor in the service provided by Aramark; this is not just on-site catering - it’s high quality, fresh, seasonal food delivered to a discerning, international clientele in a professional, passionate but quietly efficient manner.

Garments for both front and back of house need to project a confident, professional look that keeps smart throughout the day, but are also comfortable and easy to care for.” Rob Emmett, Deputy General Manager, Aramark UK.

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Helping PDSA to revamp their image

When PDSA, the UK’s largest vet charity refreshed their brand image in 2014, they turned to Alexandra to help them create the right look for both medical and non-medical staff throughout their 51 PDSA Pet Hospitals. The key objectives for the garment design were comfort, practicality and striking, contemporary styling.

Alexandra spent time with both senior management and staff in developing a design that would meet these needs. Combining the new PDSA brand colours of magenta and jade, samples of the reception wear and medical garments were produced and tested during wearer trials, meeting with positive approval across the organisation.

The medical staff wear contemporary unisex scrub sets based on a proven catalogue design from Alexandra, the NF43. It’s made in a robust poly cotton fabric that can be washed at home, with stretch side panels for extra comfort,” says Sara Catanzaro, Alexandra’s design manager. “However, for this project both the design and colours are unique to PDSA”.

The garments were rolled out to PDSA staff in Spring 2015 with the help of TV celebrity vet, Steve Leonard who commented on “...PDSA, looking good and providing the highest standards of veterinary care is definitely a good combination.”


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How to measure

A good fit is vital for a professional look and wearer comfort. The guides below show you where to take your measurements correctly. Sizes outside the standard catalogue range may be available, please call us for details.

Tip: When measuring yourself, ensure that the tape is held flat and not tight.

IMPORTANT: Please measure carefully if requesting embriodery to be aded to your garment, as once embroidered, it cannot be returned.
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Sally Beauty unveil their smart new uniform

Last month, Sally Beauty unveiled their first complete store makeover at their High Wycombe branch as part of a significant makeover for their stores nationwide. Alexandra have been working closely with the team at Sally Beauty to develop a dynamic new staff uniform that echoes the companies striking pink and black branding.

Based on Alexandra’s highly popular NF191 Women’s Asymmetric Tunic, the Sally Beauty version was specially customised to provide a beautifully comfortable, easy-to-wash tunic that co-ordinates with NF75 Women’s Slim-leg Trousers. A branded, enamelled metal badge completes the elegant new look.

“This style of tunic has already been proven to be a winner by our Beauty and Spa customers”, says Katy John, National Account Executive at Alexandra, “So we had no hesitation in recommending it to Sally Beauty. We simply adapted the design to suit the precise needs of the Sally Beauty staff”.

“We ran a series of trials with different designs” says Katy “but this style was voted the clear leader. The advantage of a proven design is that we already have the experience of thousands of existing wearers, from sizes XXS to 4XL, to prove that it performs well under salon conditions.” The garments went into production earlier in the summer and will be rolled out to stores nationwide as part of their upgrade programme.

The High Wycombe store was opened by ITV2’s Love Island celebrity, Kem Cetinay. “We’re really excited to launch our first ‘Sally Beauty’ store, with help from Kem who was a big hit with customers and made the event extra special,” comments Warren Scarr, MD and group VP of Sally Salon Services UK and Ireland.

More about Sally Beauty

First established in New Orleans in 1964, Sally Beauty stores have become synonymous with the supply of professional hair and beauty products to the trade and retail customer. Now comprising four brands, Sally, Salon Services, Beauty Express and Shear Beauty, they have over 5,000 stores worldwide and 260 across the UK and Ireland. Sally Beauty is a leading player in the Beauty and Spa market.


Sallys Beauty

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Colour coding shows patients ‘who’s who’ at Ipswich Hospital

With 595 beds, Ipswich Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in England, caring for more than 400,000 patients every year. Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission, Ipswich has always placed nursing and care of patients at the very heart of the hospital.

“Up to 3,400 staff work within the hospital, so it’s extremely important that our patients know who is treating them and that they feel reassured and confident in the care they receive.” Says Sarah Seeley, Transformation Lead Nurse. “We looked again at our nursing uniforms to improve both visibility and perception of their role. We chose traditional nursing tunics made by Alexandra because they look smart and professional. They also save the hospital around £15,000 a year, compared to our previous uniform range”.

“We launched the uniform update on International Nurses Day” says Jennis Varghese, Category Manager, Procurement and Supplies. “The colours range from white (signifying a student nurse) through to black (the most senior rank) with a range of blues in between and contrasting piping. It has been the successful culmination of a very intensive process, but which has made a huge difference to the way both staff and patients feel about the importance of the nursing role”.


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All about Alexandra

16/05/2019 15:10

Why buy Alexandra?

Alexandra has been designing and manufacturing garments since 1854. From the part they played in the development of women’s workwear at the start of the 20th Century, right through to the development of modern protective workwear and suiting for just about every sector and business in the UK, to the solutions they now offer to millions of wearers across the world, Alexandra has remained true to their core principles - quality, good design and reliable service.


Alexandra has developed a world-class supply and manufacturing chain which enables them to offer both high quality products and unbeatable value for money, without compromising integrity. Their robust logistics network means that they are able to offer consistently high stock levels throughout the year on our most popular products.


Alexandra offer comprehensive workwear solutions for every area of your business, protecting your workforce from head to toe, whether they are braving the elements, working in a factory or sitting at a desk. Everything in their range is selected, tested and manufactured by experts to ensure they meet latest standards of compliance and performance. All Alexandra products are guaranteed for two years from date of delivery.

Tell me more about the History

The Alexandra Drapery Company was established in Bristol as a drapers shop during the 1850’s by Alfred Isaac Davis, selling fabrics and household linens.Bristol was an affluent area with a major dock area and many small manufacturing and engineering workshops. All clothing was made to order from fabrics and patterns selected in the Alexandra drapery shop, tailored by seamstresses and delivered to customers homes.

During the First World War, Alexandra supplied garments for the thousands of women who volunteered to work in nursing, agricultural and factory roles. As the role of women in the workforce expanded over the succeeding decades, so did the demand for protective workwear and uniforms. In 1959, a new company was established called Alexandra Overalls Ltd, selling a range of readymade workwear garments for women by mail order – and thus the Alexandra known by millions of workers worldwide, was launched.

Yarmouth Stores stocks a wide range of Alexandra wear, please just click here to see more:-https://www.yarmo.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=alexandra


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It may be easy to dismiss the idea of branding your PPE and workwear as an unnecessary inconvenience or expense. But many companies go out of their way to make sure their logo is highly visible on workers' clothing, and for good reasons - because they never underestimate the power of their brand and the impact it has on those who wear it or see it.

Here are 4 key reasons why your organisation should brand your PPE and corporate workwear.

1. Brand Awareness

Branding works well for customer-facing employees. If your workers regularly meet your customers, then it makes sense to have your workwear properly branded. It offers a more professional image and helps others to quickly identify who your people are and the company they’re from. Branding presents a great marketing opportunity. If others see your people doing their jobs well, and can easily identify the company for which they work, it could lead to further work for your business.

2. Pride

There's a lot to be said for the sense of pride many workers feel when wearing properly branded workwear over generic workwear. It gives people true responsibility in representing your organisation, which can lead to higher morale, camaraderie between employees and increased motivation.

3. Compliance

Branding eases worker identification and aids compliance. In many industries, people from different organisations work on the same site. If employees are wearing branded clothing, it's easier for them or others to quickly spot a member of a particular team. It also helps from a compliance perspective – a site manager can identify workers from different companies and determine whether they’re wearing the right PPE and complying with the right regulations.

4. Embedding a Culture of Safety

Businesses who keep their employees safe have every right to make it known. Branded PPE with special logos that promote pride in safety, shows everyone - clients, employees and potential employees, other businesses and members of the public - that your organisation is serious about safety.


Thank you to Caleb Horner (writer of this article)

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