Open a Trade Credit Account

Designed for businesses of all sizes, whether you're a tradesman, Ltd Company, plc, school, government body or charity, we can help to manage your business. 

  • Easy and free to set up
  • No cash handling
  • Planning made easy
  • No up-front payments
  • Payment by end of month following invoice
  • Regular invoicing
  • Monthly statement of account

By opening a credit account with us you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Procedure for opening a Credit Account.

  1. Download and complete the attached Application for Commercial Credit form.
  2. Please return your completed application form to:

Yarmouth Stores Ltd.,                                   
Kirkland Ltd, Kirkland House
Great Yarmouth,
NR30 3NZ

Alternatively you can email it to: or fax the completed form to us on 01493 847149.

  1. We will request references from your trade partners and conduct a company credit check.
  2. We will assign an appropriate credit limit based on your trade references and your credit-worthiness.
  3. Your account will be created within our Sales Order Processing system ready for activation.
  4. We will email your password to you for you to use along with your email address to activate your account.
  5. You will immediately have the opportunity to change your password.

Please click here to download the Application for Commercial Credit PDF form.

Please note that if we are unable to offer credit, orders may still be placed but on a Pro-Forma basis.  Goods will be released for despatch after payment has cleared.