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Fishermans Smock V Neck - SM03 - Yarmo Group

Fishermans Smock V Neck - SM03

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Unisex Fishermans Smock - Traditional smock initially worn by fishermen as a loose garment to protect their knitted sweaters. This smock offers excellent versatility and is a great choice whilst gardening, sailing, fishing, walking, as a general over garment, for artists whilst painting or carpenters when woodworking.

100% Cotton Drill - Cotton provides excellent insulation to keep you warm in the cold, but also offers great breathability which means you will be kept cool in the heat. Cotton also provides durability and can withstand numerous amounts of washing while still looking good.

V-Neck & Hip pockets - The v-neck provides enhanced comfort while the two large pockets on the hip of this smock provide great storage options with easy access

Made in England - This garment has been made in The Yarmouth Stores factory in England on the east coast in Great Yarmouth for over 100 Years.